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Add Permanent Colour to Your Life with LED Strip Lights for Roofs!


LED Strip Lights for Roofs


By using exterior LED lighting, your have unlimited potential to share your family’s unique personality. Be a shining example in your neighbourhood by installing LED strip lights for roofs! There are many reasons why having a permanent LED lighting system can provide curb appeal for your home, and fun for your family!


Installing LED strip lights for roofs is also safer. Did you know that a significant number of Canadians injure themselves while putting up their Christmas lights? A 2015 University of Calgary study noted that in a ten-year time span, Foothills Hospital had treated forty severe injuries caused by falls while putting up lights, including two deaths. Fourteen times as many patients were seen for less severe injuries resulting from Christmas decorating falls. Climbing up on an extension ladder in icy weather forms a recipe for disaster. Why take the risk? Professionals who install beautiful permanent LED outdoor lights will show off your holiday spirit while you remain safe on the ground. Simply program the lights with convenience from an app on your smartphone. Use the time you would have spent up a dangerous extension ladder drinking eggnog with friends and family.


Show Your Colours


Lights are not just for Christmas! Why not celebrate special occasions with a light show? Go green for St. Patrick’s Day and red for Valentine’s Day. Choose a spooky orange for Halloween, or multi-coloured for a special birthday or anniversary. Let neighbours know that Canada Day is important to you by beaming out red and white patriot love.


Cheering for the Blue Jays? Light up with blue and white, and set the lights chasing whenever the team gets a run. Want to show which side you’re on for the Grey Cup or the Super Bowl? Program the colours of your favoured footballers. Leafs, Sens, Oilers, whichever NHLers you cheer for, you’ll be able to show your team spirit during playoffs. On Pride Week, show off with a brilliant rainbow display. For Breast Cancer Awareness month, go pink to coincide with the pink ribbon campaign.


You can also choose classic white to give your house an elegant silhouette. If you prefer, leave the lights off; they’re virtually invisible unless lit when professionally installed.


And permanent lights are great for gardens and yards, too. Illuminate a pathway, or a feature such as a fountain. Place them where they’ll add a warm glow to garden parties or BBQs.


Better permanent LED systems offer a variety of colours and different options for patterning and movement, as well as the ability to increase or decrease speed or brightness. Set your lights blinking, flashing, chasing, or rotating through various colours with the touch of a remote or smartphone app.


Long-lasting and Economical


Permanent LED lighting systems last for many years. With six to eight hours of use daily, estimated life of a good system is twenty years or more – even with Canadian weather. Better products can produce brilliant light, yet use low voltage and are energy-efficient. LEDs are cool to the touch, and safe.


Find out more about permanent LED strip lights for roofs. Tell the story of your home in light and colour!